Clara Interline High Resolution CCD Camera

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Clara High Resolution CCD Camera Series

Andor's expertise in scientific camera performance optimization has been harnessed once again. Clara High Resolution CCD Camera has been designed to deliver the highest sensitivity performance achievable from a high-resolution CCD camera. Clara 'E' high resolution ccd camera extends the series to offer high sensitivity interline operation in a unique price/performance package. Andor's proven UltraVac? process, alongside close attention to thermal management, has resulted in deep air cooling to -55C for elimination of darkcurrent, complementing a uniquely low read noise of 2.4 e- @ 1 MHz.

Fan on @ 25 C ambient
Fan off @ 25 C ambient

-55C Min. Temp. air cooled
-40C Min. Temp. air cooled

Pixel well depth (typical) 18,000 e-
Dark current (e-/pixel/sec) @ min. temp. 0.0003 e-
Read noise (e-) Typical 1 MHz
10 MHz
20 MHz
Linearity Better than 99%
Dual digitization 16 bit @ 1 MHz;
14-bit @ 10 MHz & 20 MHz
Baseline (bias) offset clamp Yes
Timestamp accuracy 12.5 ns
Interface USB 2.0
Lens mount C-mount

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