Flex Laser - Compact Low Noise Class IIIb Lasers

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Flex Laser - Compact Low Noise Class IIIb Lasers

The Flex? high performance continuous wave (CW) laser system provides a fully integrated end-user laser system based on our proven BWN, BWR, and BWB OEM laser engines in one compact class IIIb certified laser system. All models come standard with both RS232 and USB 2.0 plug-and-play interfaces and our easy to use software package. The Flex software allows full control over output power, base plate temperature, and TTL triggering control setup. An hour meter to monitor laser usage is also included. These turnkey lasers maintain outstanding optical performance over a broad temperature range, guaranteeing minimal fluctuations in power and virtually eliminating high frequency noise. The Flex is available in nine different wavelength options spanning the ultraviolet to the near-infrared with output powers up to 450mW. All wavelengths are available with external laser heads for easy alignment. Additionally, wavelengths between 600nm and 900nm are also available with single mode fiber coupling. Each Flex provides a pure TEM00 beam with M2 values as low as 1.05. Internal TE Coolers increase reliability over a temperature range of 10o to 35o C. The Flex is powered by a single AC 100 ? 240VAC input which runs the internal low consumption.

Fluorescence, Bio-Instrumentation, Photoluminescence, Metrology ,Flow Cytometry, Optical Trapping, Laser Pumping, Photo Lithography, Confocal Microscopy, DNA Sequencing, Particle Counting, Biomedical Research, Precision Alignment, Optical Signal, Transmission Microscopy, Laser Projection

Wavelengths from 405nm to 1064nm 

Close to Diffraction
Limited Beam Quality
Low Noise and Excellent Power Stability
User-friendly Graphical User Interface

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Flex Laser - Compact Low Noise Class IIIb Lasers

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