January 24 2014

Lac-Beauport, SnowHouse Solutions has reached an agreement with Resolution Spectra (www.resolutionspectra.com) to promote and distribute their ultra high resolution spectrometers in Canada.

Resolution Spectra systems are based on SWIFTS technology and are revolutionizing the use of spectrometers. A combination of high performance, simplicity and compactness allow SWIFTS-based spectrometers to be employed in configurations that were impossible for previous generations of spectrometer, opening up the use of high-performance spectroscopy to mainstream applications and enabling its integration with new or existing technologies. The core benefits of SWIFTS, its compactness, portability and potential for integration, provide real answers to current market requirements. This is particularly true for applications that require spectral discrimination with respect to molecular emission and absorption, including process control, laser spectroscopy for the analysis of materials, security and medical applications.

According to Dr. Bertrand Veilleux, president of SnowHouse Solutions, “Systems from Revolution Spectra have the potential to revolutionize the world of spectroscopy. Offering a spectral resolution 0.001 nm over a wide spectral range (630-1100nm) in a very compact design is unique on the market. We are very excited to bring this new technology to our research and industrial customers”.


Contact us at info@snowhouse.ca for more information

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