ZL41 Cell sCMOS Camera

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ZL41 Cell sCMOS - Easy & Cost-Effective 
Super-Resolution to ~100nm

ZL41 Cell is the next generation in the highly successful Zyla sCMOS series! We have carefully refined and perfected the design. Truly exceptional imaging flexibility, value, and compatibility. Specifically for life science imaging



Key Benefits:

Up to 82% QE - Highest and broadest available sCMOS QE. Optimized to a wide range of common fluorophores. Enables shorter exposures, faster frame rates and reduced photobleaching.

0.9 e- read noise - Lowest read noise sCMOS. Significantly lower than any CCD.

Industry Fastest Frame Rates - Follow faster processes. Industry-fastest USB 3.0 frame rates, 53 fps (full frame). 100 fps (full frame) sustained via Camera Link.

4.2 and 5.5 megapixel sensor formats and 6.5 µm pixels - Delivers extremely sharp resolution for modern microscopes with C-mount ports.

SRRF-Stream+ - Super Resolution made cost effective, flexible and easy. New ZL41 Cell 4.2 compatible with our real-time Super-resolution Technology.

LightScan PLUS - Reduce background and improve contrast and resolution in scattering samples. Designed to allow users to optimise signal strength and confocality concurrently in applications such as Scanned Light Sheet Microscopy and Line Scanning Confocal Microscopy.

FCS Mode - Obtain the fastest speeds from minimal height ROIs configured for Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy experiments

GPU Express - Simplify and optimize data transfers from camera to a CUDA-enabled NVidia Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) card to facilitate accelerated GPU processing as part of the acquisition pipeline

Compatible - Maintains compatibility with previous Zyla series with no changes at EEPROM level.

Robust - New mechanical design for greater longevity and sensor protection. 3 years warranty on sensor chamber integrity.

Ultra - Low Fan Vibration - Designed with vibration sensitive experiments in mind, such as super-resolution microscopy.

Dual-Gain Amplifiers - Maximum well depth and lowest noise simultaneously, affording extended dynamic range of 33,000:1

12-bit and 16-bit modes - 12-bit for absolute fastest frame rates through USB 3.0; 16-bit for full dynamic range.

Extensive FPGA on-head data processing - Essential to ensure best image quality and quantitative fidelity from sCMOS technology.

Hardware Timestamp - FPGA generated timestamp with 25ns accuracy.

Dynamic Baseline Clamp - Essential to ensure quantitative accuracy across the image area and between successive images of a kinetic series.

Python Ready - Take control with our new python integrated SDK. Ideal for custom system integrations.

Water Cooled Option - Option for vibration sensitive applications. Available under request

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ZL41 Cell sCMOS

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