Spectro Inlets EC-MS

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Spectro Inlets EC-MS 

Fully quantitative real-time and high sensitivity detection of volatile electrochemical reaction products

Effortless coupling of electrochemistry (EC) and mass spectrometry (MS) for researchers. Spectro Inlets? EC-MS system is the first truly quantitative turnkey solution for fast, reliable, and sensitive time-resolved detection of volatile electrochemical products sampled directly from a liquid electrolyte. The unique micro chip-based inlet system is optimized to transfer the exact number of molecules required for optimal MS sensitivity, thereby avoiding differential pumping and associated quantification challenges. Due to its extraordinary sensitivity, the EC-MS system can detect the entirety of the volatile molecules desorbing from an electrode during a single electrochemical turnover.

Relevant applications
- Fuel cell reactions (e.g. HOR/MOR)
- Water splitting (e.g. HER/OER)
- Organic (electro-)synthesis (e.g. CORR, hydrocarbon upgrading)
- Model studies (e.g. correlating desorption phenomena with theory)
- Nitrogen reduction (N2RR)
- Battery research (solvent decomposition)
- General electrocatalysis and -chemistry
- Electrolyte stability studies
- Isotope labeled experiments (e.g. for reaction pathway studies)


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Spectro Inlets EC-MS

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