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Spectro Inlets EC-MS Premium 





The EC-MS Premium gives you the ability to determine the origin and the nature of the gas-evolution, enabling a better understanding of the Solid Electrolyte Interphase formation and degradation of Electrodes and electrolytes. This accelerates the development of new and safer batteries with a shorter time to market.

Fully quantifiable - Full product collection and accurate calibration

Exceptional sensitivity - Measure desorption of 0.5% of a monolayer within 0.5 second

Continuous data - Small volume sampling allows uninterrupted data collection



To accelerate the development of better and safer batteries, the EC-MS Premium aids in determining the nature and origin of gas-evolution. It facilitates a deeper understanding of formation of the Solid Electrolyte Interphase (SEI) and insight into the degradation of electrodes and electrolytes.

The combination of electrochemistry (EC) and mass spectrometry (MS) provides a potent tool to analyze product formation in batteries. Via an optimized inlet membrane chip with an integrated microcapillary, Spectro Inlets offers a unique system to couple the ambient battery environment with the vacuum conditions of MS. This solution enables continuous transport of volatiles to the mass spectrometer while inhibiting electrolyte evaporation.

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Spectro Inlets EC-MS Premium

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