IRis-C Compact Dual-Comb Spectrometer

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IRis-C compact dual-comb spectrometer

The IRis-C is the next generation instrument in IRsweep?s quantum cascade laser frequency comb spectrometer line. It uses the same dual-comb spectroscopy technology as IRsweep?s IRis-F1, offering microsecond time-resolution, high spectral resolution, and high optical brightness in the mid-infrared. With a substantial reduction in physical dimensions and price, it is easily adaptable to any type of application and fits even tighter budgets.


Product details

The IRis-C builds on IRsweep?s proven quantum cascade laser dual-comb technology. It inherits its key features in terms of speed, brightness, and spectral resolution. With the IRis spectrometers, mid-infrared spectra can be measured with an update rate of a few microseconds. The exchangeable laser modules cover more than 60 cm-1 with 0.3 cm-1 point spacing, simultaneously. The high optical power of quantum cascade lasers facilitates their use with strongly absorbing samples such as aqueous solutions and provides an exceptional signal-to-noise ratio of > 1000 in integration times as short as 0.1 milliseconds.

The new IRis-C integrates all those features in a compact shoe-box size design. The pre-aligned reference beam path ensures the expected signal quality, while the free-space sample beam ensures easy coupling to any application specific interface. The internal co-alignment of the two frequency combs ascertains good co-propagation over distances up to 2 meters. The IRis software operates on a separate desktop computer, allowing for easy control of high-speed mid-infrared experiments.

With all those features, the IRis-C is the compact, cost-efficient solution for (bio-)chemical reaction kinetics, protein folding and similarity tests, catalysis studies, combustion diagnostics, or other challenging vibrational spectroscopy tasks. With a 5-digit price tag in all major currencies, the IRis-C will also fit tighter project budgets. And if wavelength flexibility is needed, please contact us to learn more about our laser module bundle offers.

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IRis-C Compact Dual-Comb Spectrometer

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