OptistatDry BLV - A Cryofree® Optical Cryostat

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OptistatDry BLV - A Cryofree® Optical Cryostat 

A Cryofree® optical cryostat for spectroscopy applications providing a temperature-controlled, sample-in-vacuum measurement environment, with sample access via a unique bottom-loading mechanism.

- Temperature range: < 3 K to 300 K 
Temperature stability: ± 0.1 K
Vibration: typical RMS displacement of 10 microns at the sample position
- Room temperature to base temperature: < 3 hours
- Typical cooling power: 0.2 W at 4.2 K
- Optical access: 28 mm diameter clear view f1
- Dimensions (HxWxD): 635-900 (adjustable) x 240 x 290 mm
- Total cryostat weight: 23 kg 


- The standard cryostat is fitted with 4 optical radial windows and 1 blank axial window
- Base temperature may be reduced by fitting blanks to each of the windows. Radial window blanks are supplied as spares with the system
- The maximum operating temperature will be set accordingly in the MercuryiTC supplied with the system

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OptistatDry BLV - A Cryofree® Optical Cryostat

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