0. Marana-X - sCMOS X-Ray Camera

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Marana-X - sCMOS X-Ray Camera
The Fastest sCMOS Camera for Direct EUV and Soft X-ray Detection

Marana-X is Andor's ground breaking sCMOS platform tailored to EUV and soft X-ray applications. Hand crafted to deliver market leading performance and versatility Marana-X reads out a 4.2 Megapixel high resolution array in less than 50 milliseconds while maintaining very low read noise; hundreds of times faster than similar resolution CCD detectors.

- Up to 99% QE & lowest noise- Maximum signal to noise for light starved measurements. Achieve high contrast faster
- Vacuum cooled to -45C- Very weak signals require lowest noise floor and longer exposures: Don't be restricted by camera thermal noise
- 4.2 Megapixel- High pixel resolution, maintaining image clarity over an extended field of view
- The ONLY uncoated back-illuminated sCMOS- The Marana-X incorporated the world's first uncoated back-illuminated sCMOS sensor enabling unparalleled EUV - soft x-ray detection
- Extended Dynamic Range (EDR) Mode- One snap quantification? across the full dynamic range, capture high and low intensity images in the same image
- > 99.7% linearity- Market leading quantitative accuracy over the whole signal range.
- Fan and liquid cooling as standard- Liquid cooling for maximum sensitivity

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0. Marana-X - sCMOS X-Ray Camera

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