SVP470 Scanning Vibrating Probe System

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SVP470 Scanning Vibrating Probe System

In situ measurement of the localised electrochemical activity

This enables the user to map and quantify localised electrochemical and corrosion events in real time. The probe vibration is controlled by a piezo-ceramic displacement device allowing vibration amplitudes from 1 to 30 um (perpendicular to the sample surface). It is an ac technique, thus, high system sensitivity can be achieved via a differential electrometer in conjunction with a lock-in amplifier.

The SVP470 vibrating probe provides increased electrical sensitivity as well as enhanced system stability. The 3300 potentiostat is an option that offers a fully integrated suite of dc corrosion experiments and can be used to bias the potential of the sample.



  • Hybrid coatings on steel
  • Galvanic corrosion of an iron?zinc cell
  • Electroactive conducting polymers (ECPs) for corrosion-resistant coatings



  • Studies of the multifunctional molecular layer between metallic Zn and polymer coatings on Fe
  • In situ characterisation of the electrochemistry of grain boundaries



  • Imaging of the cathodic protection of coatings
  • Quantitative assessment of localised dissolution of stainless steels
  • Use of amino alcohol based inhibitors to control corrosion of reinforcing steel

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SVP470 Scanning Vibrating Probe System

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