BluRev Ring Disk Electrode (RDE/RRDE)

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BluRev Ring Disk Electrode (RDE/RRDE)

The BluRev RRDE is a versatile and rugged rotating disk electrode ideal for use with any Bio-Logic potentiostat/galvanostat. It is available with a choice of quick-fit exchangeable electrode tips in a wide range of materials and diameters.

The BluRev RRDE can be used with a wide range of cells, in particular, EL-ELECTRO-1, EL-ELECTRO-2 or EL-ELECTRO-3 kit. Please note that if you already have one of these cells, you will need a special compatible cap: 094-A-CAP. Otherwise, you may purchase a new EL-ELECTRO-1 kit with the compatible cap included: EL-BLUREV. The RC-10k unit controls the RDE rotation speed. It offers an accuracy of ±1 rpm over the whole rotational range for precise and fully reproducible experimental conditions. The measured rotation speed is clearly displayed on a five-digit LCD screen. The speed can be set manually or by using the analog output of a Bio-Logic instrument for example. Any other device with an analog output can be used. Using EC-Lab®, you can easily program and perform a Levich experiment all in one go, and also use the new EIS element Winf that will directly give you the diffusion coefficient.



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BluRev Ring Disk Electrode (RDE/RRDE)

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