MicrostatHe-R - Sample-in-Vacuum Cryostat

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MicrostatHe-R - Sample-in-Vacuum Cryostatsystem with a narrow rectangular tail, designed for optical microscopy.

- Temperature range: 3.2 to 500 K, may be extended down to 2.2 K
- Temperature stability: 0.1 K
- System may also be run with liquid nitrogen, temperature range: 77 to 500 K
- Liquid helium consumption at 4.2 K: < 0.45 l/hr
- Cool down consumption: 1.3 litres (nominal)
- Room temperature to base temperature: approx. 10 minutes with pre-cooled transfer siphon
- Cryostat weight: 1.5 kg

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MicrostatHe-R - Sample-in-Vacuum Cryostat

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