Dragonfly-200 High-speed Confocal Imaging Platform

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Dragonfly-200 High-speed Confocal Imaging Platform

Dragonfly is now available in a more compact package, the 200 series, suitable for both inverted and upright microscopes.

The 200 series offers many of the key features that make Dragonfly performance exceptional: Confocal speeds of up to 400 fps; Borealis? enhanced illumination for a large and flat field of view; ClearView-GPU? deconvolution; dual-camera acquisition; choice of optical zoom and pinhole size.

For those who might be considering a new or additional confocal, but looking for something that pushes new imaging boundaries. The Dragonfly 200 offers a price-point comparable to traditional point scanning technology.

- Instant Confocal
- Simultaneous multi-color TIRF
- Laser widefield imaging
- Single molecule imaging
- VIS - NIR wavelengths

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Dragonfly-200 High-speed Confocal Imaging Platform

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