iDus 1.7m InGaAs detector array for Spectroscopy

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iDus 1.7m InGaAs detector array for Spectroscopy

Andor's iDus InGaAs 1.7 array detector series provides the most optimized platform for Spectroscopy applications up to 1.7 m. The TE-cooled, in-vacuum sensors reach cooling temperatures of -90C where best Signal-to-Noise ratio can be achieved. Indeed dark current will improve moderately below -90C where scene black body radiation will dominate, while Quantum Efficiency of the sensor will be greatly impacted at these lower temperatures and lead to a lower Signal-to-Noise ratio. 0.6 to 1.7 m Peak QE of > 85% TE cooling to -90C UltraVac? Single window design

Model Number DU490A DU491A DU492A
Sensor Options 512 pixels, 25m pitch 1024 pixels, 25m pitch 512 pixels, 50m pitch
Active Pixels 512 1024 512
Pixel Size 25 x 500 m 25 x 500 m 50 x 500 m
Cooler Type DU
Wavelength Range 600 nm - 1.7 m
Minimum Exposure Time 1.4 s
Air Cooled -70C
Coolant chiller, coolant @16C, 0.75l/min -85C
Coolant chiller, coolant @10C, 0.75l/min -90C
Max Spectra per Second 193 per sec. 97 per sec. 193 per sec.
System Window Type Single quartz window, uncoated


16 bit

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iDus 1.7m InGaAs detector array for Spectroscopy

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