8. CT 600S

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CT 600S - Non-Contact Profilometer

- Large 600 mm x 600 mm scanning area
- High accurate measurements on large and heavy parts
- User friendly concept
- Sophisticated analysis and automation software

The CT 600S is a non-contact profilometer with a 600 mm x-, y-motion system. The gantry design with air bearings is moving the sensor-camera assembly while the sample is fixed on the granite platform. This allows the scanning of large and heavy parts with unmatched accuracy. The CT 600S is ideal for measuring flatness on large samples, as well as step height, roughness and other 2D and 3D analysis. Circular and ellipsoidal scans minimize the inspection time on round parts. The sensors are mounted on an automated z-axis and are available with a resolution down to 3 nm and a measurement range up to 25 mm.



- Fast, precise and accurate magnetic linear motors with air bearings
- Measurement speed 4kHz (14 KHz optional
- 600 mm travel in x- and y-direction, lateral resolution 0.05 µm, motorized z-axis
- 2D profiles and 3D topographical maps (topography measurement)
- Large scanning areas, up to the maximum travel of 600 mm at maximum x-, y-, z-resolution
- Chromatic white light sensors
- Resolution down to 3 nm, measurement range up to 25 mm
- High resolution off-axis color camera

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8. CT 600S

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