3. Newton 940 Series - The Highest Performing Spectroscopy CCD on the Market

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Newton 940

This high-end USB2.0 Newton CCD series brings together Andor?s ultra fast, lownoise electronics platform and market-leading deep thermo-electric cooling to -100°C. Broadband detection rates of up to 1,600 spectra per second are enabled with intelligent Crop Mode operation. The Newton CCD is an ideal tool for ultrafast UV, VIS or NIR spectroscopy (or all the above with the Dual AR-coating BEX2-DD technology!), such as 2D chemical mapping, online process monitoring or non-invasive medical diagnosis.The Newton 940 series offers 13.5 x 13.5 m pixels for the highest UV to VIS resolution spectroscopy, while the 920 series and its 26 x 26 m offers the highest dynamic range for UV to NIR applications. Both > 6.6 mm high sensors are ideally suited for multi-track spectroscopy or hyper-spectral imaging.

Active Pixels 2048 x 512
Pixel Size 13.5 x 13.5 m
Image area 27.6 x 6.9 mm with 100% fill factor
Cooler Type DU
Minimum Temperature Air Cooled -80°C
Coolant recirculator -95°C
Coolant chiller, coolant @ 10ēC, 0.75 l/min -100°C
Max spectra per second 122 (Full Vertical Bin),
943 (Crop Mode - 20 rows)
System window type Single quartz window, uncoated. Various AR coatings & MgF2 options available
Blemish specifications Grade 1 as per sensor manufacturer definition



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3. Newton 940 Series - The Highest Performing Spectroscopy CCD on the Market

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